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In news that should not shock anyone, a spectacle more focused on providing viral entertainment than contributing to the sport it’s involved with turned into a mess on Thursday. The promotional tour for the fight between championship boxer Floyd Mayweather and YouTuber Logan Paul — an actual phrase that contains no inaccuracies — started off with a bang before the event devolved into quite a kerfuffle between both camps. 

Things really kicked off shortly after Mayweather’s scrum with reporters when Jake Paul, the brother of Mayweather’s opponent, decided to come up to the retired boxer and start taunting him. There was the typical back-and-forth jawing one might expect with the two, but then the younger Paul brother decided to go a step further with a childish “I got your hat,” maneuver, and steal Mayweather’s hat.

The 44-year-old did not take too kindly to the move and began to go after the Paul brother who had wronged him and his cranium. Naturally, the security detail for both sides tried to intervene — which included the guy Floyd’s actually meant to fight, Logan — but that only seemed to motivate Mayweather further to try and attack Jake.

Anyways, here are multiple angles of the incident at hand that include moments like Mayweather yelling “I’ll kill you motherf——.” (Warning, there’s some explicit language below.)

Subsequent social media posts from Jake Paul shows he appeared to have gotten roughed up in the ensuing chaos.

Mayweather and Paul are scheduled to fight one another in a special exhibition boxing match on June 6 on Showtime PPV.

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