Aaron Rodgers won his third MVP award last season. That bought him a 17th season in Green Bay.

But the Packers drafted Rodgers’ heir apparent, Jordan Love, in the first round in 2020, and they have their starting quarterback on a year-to-year arrangement.

So who knows what Rodgers’ future is in Green Bay. Even Rodgers doesn’t know.

“So far, it’s definitely been my team,” Rodgers told Kenny Mayne on ESPN. “I said last year I didn’t know if that was actually possible to be able to finish there. I still feel that’s kind of where we’re at. I don’t know that a lot of that is in my hands. I guess we’ll just kind of see as we go.”

Mayne followed by asking Rodgers why he wouldn’t proclaim that he’s a Packer for life.

Rodgers chuckled before answering, “”Ken, you and I both know that’s not how it works.”

The Packers paid Rodgers’ $6.8 million roster bonus as is last month rather than converting it into a signing bonus. A full restructuring would give Rodgers the security he covets, but that hasn’t happened, so speculation continues about will he stay or will he go?

Rodgers, 37, completed 70.7 percent of his passes for 48 touchdowns and five interceptions last season. The Packers, though, lost in the NFC Championship Game to the Buccaneers, who won it all with Tom Brady in his first season as the team’s quarterback.

Aaron Rodgers: I don’t know that my future is in my hands originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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