Trendy cosmetics firm flogging ghoulish £160 perfume made with the scent of death – from trees in a cemetery

A TRENDY cosmetics firm is flogging perfume made with the scent of death – from trees in a cemetery.

The macabre cologne isn’t dead cheap though at £160 a bottle.

The graveyard perfume does not shy away from it's deathly connections


The graveyard perfume does not shy away from it’s deathly connections

It’s called St John’s Cemetery and is named after a council burial ground in Margate – founded in 1856.

Perfumers have taken their inspiration for the product from a mist that “seems to always lay over the place”.

And there’s even a £55 candle and a travel-size phial of perfume for £15.

Buyers are told the ghoulish scent has top notes of “intense, clean and resinous pine”, the heart of the fragrance is “green and moist” before it reaches a base of “dark musk”.

It is made by local Kent firm Haeckels and even they admit to the chilling tie-in, confessing: “One of our strangest locations out of all our perfumes, this place is a historical part of a town where the present and the past sit side by side.

“The location is surrounded by large pine trees which have been standing for many years whilst between these larger trees grows a huge number of unusual and unexpected trees which have thrived through cross-pollination and careful tending.

“Every year more and more plants are brought to this area and their seeds are dispersed so that they will either live to grow or lay dormant on the moss covered wet earth.

“A mist seems to always lay over this place which suits its subdued beauty, a place of natural important but also one which shows the relationship between life and death.”

The scent includes pine needles take from the graveyard “picked on 6th August/ Rainy Day”.

The products are being sold by upmarket store Selfridges and the perfume comes in a wooden box with the GPS coordinates of the cemetery picked out on the lid.

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