Millions of adults are confused about ingredients in everyday foods with half unaware chocolate mousse contains eggs

MILLIONS of adults are confused about ingredients in everyday foods – with 47 per cent unaware that eggs are used in chocolate mousse.

A study of 2,000 Brits revealed one in five feel they have a lack of knowledge about what’s actually in many pre-packaged foods.

Millions of adults are confused about ingredients in everyday foods (Stock image)


Millions of adults are confused about ingredients in everyday foods (Stock image)Credit: Getty

Just 15 per cent knew wine contains gelatine while one in 20 had no idea scotch eggs are made from meat.

And 43 per cent were unaware milk is a key ingredient in quiche.

It also emerged six in 10 think the packaging information on food items is often ‘confusing’.

A spokesman for British Lion Eggs which commissioned the study said: “There is clearly a lot of confusion around what ingredients are in which foods.

“Retailers have a duty to their customers to make the ingredients, and their provenance, clear on pack.

“Of course, this is never more important than for people who have allergies, but lots of people also want to see more British ingredients, particularly when it comes to eggs for pre-packaged foods including sandwiches, custard and quiche.”

The survey also found 18 per cent could not identify eggs as a key component in mayonnaise.

More than a third also didn’t know eggs were found in custard, and 33 per cent didn’t know there was cream cheese in cheesecake.

But when it comes to whether eggs qualify as a ‘dairy’ product, there was a divide with 59 per cent saying yes, 31 per cent saying no, and the remainder unsure.


It also emerged that one in five adults has accidentally eaten something they weren’t meant to, because they didn’t check its ingredients properly.

And 20 per cent have inadvertently given someone else food they shouldn’t have – like giving a vegetarian something containing gelatine.

But this could be down to confusion as 71 per cent find packaging hard to understand because there are lots of names of ingredients they’ve never heard of.

Another 58 per cent consider the amount of ingredients in some of these items to be downright ‘overwhelming’, according to the OnePoll figures.

And half would be more likely to shop in supermarkets where it’s clear that British ingredients have been used.

British Lion Eggs’ spokesman added: “There are lots of reasons why it’s important to know exactly what you’re eating.

“With Brexit increasing concerns around the use of lower quality imported ingredients, food safety is a major factor for consumers, particularly where things like imported eggs are being used, as is wanting to support British producers.”

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