North Korean generals laugh as Kim Jong-un launches a nuke-ready ballistic missile in a terrifying military test

CHILLING pictures show North Korean generals laughing as Kim Jong-un raises hell with a cruise missile.

Yesterday, the rogue state fired two short-range ballistic rockets into the Sea of Japan during a terrifying weapons test.

Pictures show North Korea's missile test yesterday


Pictures show North Korea’s missile test yesterdayCredit: KCNA
The regime's generals are seen laughing and clapping during the weapons test


The regime’s generals are seen laughing and clapping during the weapons testCredit: KCNA

Photos have emerged today of the tyrant’s generals clapping and laughing at the successful test.

The images show the missiles were land-based cruise missiles believed to be capable to carrying nuclear warheads.

According to the Yonhap news agency, the rockets flew around 280 miles with an altitude of 37m, officials said.

The test came after Kim’s regime fired another short-ranged missile on Sunday and are reportedly a reaction to joint military drills conducted by the US and South Korea last week.

Dictator Kim had not launched any missiles since April last year.

Based on the distance travelled and flight time, the rockets appear to be similar to the Russian missile called the Iskander.

Known in North Korea as the KN-23, the weapon is highly manoeuvrable in the air and follows a complicated flight path making it hard to intercept.

The two short-ranged missiles landed in the Sea of Japan


The two short-ranged missiles landed in the Sea of JapanCredit: KCNA
Dictator Kim Jong-un also fired another rocket on Sunday


Dictator Kim Jong-un also fired another rocket on Sunday

Duyeon Kim, an expert at the Centre for a New American Security, said: “If today’s tests are Iskander-style mobile missiles, then that’s bad news because they are designed to confound US-South Korea missile defences – and are difficult to intercept or strike pre-emptively.”

US President Joe Biden appeared to downplay Sunday’s rocket launch saying “there’s no new wrinkle in what they did”.

Another expert Harry Kazianis, of the Centre for the National Interest, believes yesterday’s missile test could have been a direct reaction to Biden’s statement, reports The Times.

He said: “This latest North Korean missile launch is most likely a reaction to US President Joe Biden’s downplaying and seeming to laugh off their weekend missile tests.

“The Kim regime, just like during the Trump years, will react to even the slightest of what they feel are any sort of loss of face or disparaging comments coming out of Washington.”

Last week it was reported that the hermit kingdom was preparing to carry out its “first nuclear weapons test” since Joe Biden took office.

US officials were reportedly on alert after scaled-down, simulated military exercises were conducted by the US and South Korea last week, CNN reported.

The Covid pandemic had previously limited such joint military drills to computer simulations.

Last week, the White House said North Korea has avoided engaging in talks with the US since Biden’s took office on January 20.

Dictator Kim had three summits with Trump and exchanged a number of letters but failed to stop developing warheads and ballistic missiles.

Biden threatens North Korea with retaliation after Kim Jong-un’s missile test launches

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