Martin Lewis slams ‘b*****d’ Bitcoin scammers who conned vulnerable woman on This Morning out of life savings

MONEY saving expert Martin Lewis has slammed “b*****d” Bitcoin scammers who conned a woman out of her life savings.

Speaking on This Morning, the 48-year-old money man was joined on the phone by Julie, who said she had been conned by a cryptocurrency account.

Martin told audiences he wanted to "use the 'B' word" to describe the scammers


Martin told audiences he wanted to “use the ‘B’ word” to describe the scammersCredit: ITV

Losing his cool at one point during the segment, Martin told audiences he wanted to “use the ‘B’ word” to describe the scammers.

He later took to Twitter to voice his frustrations, telling his following the “poor woman” was a “warning for all”.

“A poor woman having a tough time, thought she was investing in Bitcoin but they were scammers,” he wrote. “I stopped myself from saying b******s on air but they are b******s.”

On This Morning, Julie began by telling hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield about how she had been “ignorant” and had suspicions she had “been scammed”.

He explained to 'Julie' that she had lost her £8,000 in deposits


He explained to ‘Julie’ that she had lost her £8,000 in depositsCredit: ITV

“All I know is that I’ve heard everybody else has had these wonderful experiences via Bitcoin so I thought I’d search on my AOL homepage for an ad,” she started to explain.

Shaking his head, Martin didn’t even give Julie a chance to finish explaining before he interjected, saying: “I’m just going to stop you straight away.”

Clearly agitated and raising his hands, he continued: “To anybody out there, you do not buy Bitcoin from adverts online.

“Most adverts online are from Bitcoin coders or Bitcoin traders and they are not real. If they have got my face in it, they are scams.

Hosts Holly and Phillip looked sad as Maritn explained the consquences


Hosts Holly and Phillip looked sad as Maritn explained the consquencesCredit: ITV

“Almost certainly if they have any celebrity face in it, they are scams. Almost every advert for something like Bitcoin online on those types of sites are scammers trying to get your money.”

Martin asked Julie if the ad “had a celebrity on it”, to which she replied it “probably did” but that she had no idea of the consequences.

Julie explained she had been going through a “bad patch” as she was using credit cards as her “really tiny retirement” payment wasn’t stretching.

The three presenters looked horrified as the retired woman explained she was contacted by the fraud department of her credit card but continued investing anyway due to desperation.

Martin slammed the fraudsters while warning others


Martin slammed the fraudsters while warning othersCredit: ITV

“I made four or five deposits and every time I was asking how I went about getting my money out and whether or not I could earn an income, ” she added.

Martin lamented that it normally meant the scammers “asking for more money”, to which Julie agreed saying she listened to the advice of the fraudulent traders to keep paying in more.

When she finally tried to withdraw the money, she had totalled up more than £8,000 in deposits.

“You’re very brave for coming on, it’s very difficult to do this,” Martin concluded, after establishing that Julie had in fact been scammed. I hope what you’re saying acts as a warning to everybody watching.”

Losing his cool, he said: “If only these ba – not the b-word – these horrible people used their skills to do good, they could be really productive.”

Martin had to unfortunately tell Julie she would likely not be getting her money back, but thanked her for “helping others” by sharing her experience.

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