Coronavirus latest news – ‘No social distancing at vaccine passport pubs but tough rules for pubs not demanding them’

BRITAIN could have a ‘two pub’ system for vaccinated and non-vaccinated punters, it’s claimed.

Politico has said ministers are looking at proposals to allow pubs to use COVID test status checks and vaccine passports to allow then to scrap social distancing rules entirely.

Pub that don’t want to use COVID status checks could, from May 17, provide table service under social distancing guidelines and the rule of six, Politico reports.

The UK would could therefore end up with pubs that have no social distancing (with testing or a vaccine passport) or social distancing without a Covid check.

It comes amind claims pubs will be allowed to ban drinkers who have not had a Covid vaccination and can legally refuse drinks to anybody who cannot provide proof of a jab or a recent negative test.

Boris Johnson told MPs yesterday it “may be up to the landlord” — adding: “The concept of vaccine certification should not be totally alien to us.”

But last night Tory MPs slammed the idea of showing “papers for the pub.”

Politicians say it will be discriminatory and create a two tier system.

And pub bosses are worried it will hamper their recovery after months shut up due to the virus.

Trade body UKHospitality criticised the prospect of pubs and restaurants being subject to vaccine certificates as “simply unworkable” and said it could cause conflict between staff and customers.

The boss of the Shepherd Neame chain said on Thursday that making jabs mandatory for entry to pubs is a “fairly poorly thought out idea”.

Government sources told The Sun that allowing pubs, bars and restaurants to set their own rules was within the scope of a review being led by Michael Gove and due to report back next month.

The PM faces a backlash over allowing landlords to demand vaccine passports ahead of a crunch vote this afternoon over extending Covid laws for several more months.

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    Britain’s vaccines roll-out has saved 6,600 lives since it launched, new data has found – as Matt Hancock says he can see an “end” to the country’s Covid crisis.

    The Health Secretary said coronavirus will be managed “more like the flu” in the future as scientists adapt jabs to fight new variants.

    Asked if he could see an end point to the pandemic, Mr Hancock told the Financial Times: “It depends what you mean by ‘end’.

    “I see an end where Covid is managed more like flu: we repeatedly vaccinate, we update the vaccines according to mutations and we manage the challenges, especially around transmissions over winter.”

    Here’s what you need to know.


    A BREWERY has been forced to pour an ocean of beer down the drain during Covid lockdown.

    Norfolk Brewhouse in Fakenham, has tipped away 3,000 pints as it waits for its supply chains to reopen.

    And the quantity of wasted booze will be even higher, said co-founder David Holliday, because its 400 pubs and shops have also had to throw away thousands of pints which has not been added to the tally.

    He said: “As an industry we’ve poured away around 87 million pints of beer.

    “That hasn’t been helped by the announcements around Christmas where we were told one day by ministers we’d have a tier system which could see pubs do takeaway, and then the next day it was national lockdown. That was thousands of pints wasted overnight.”


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    Bosses at jabs centres in Devon, Kent and Cornwall are among those who say they will “have to pause” because of supply issues.

    Over 50s can book their vaccine on the NHS website, where they can choose from more than 1,600 jabbing sites across the country.

    And Brits aged 18 and over who are clinically vulnerable can also book now.

    Here’s everything you need to know.


    One of the big stories of the day is that England’s top doctor is urging over 50s to book their jab before many centres ‘close for weeks’.

    Professor Stephen Powis’ plea comes as Britain’s looming vaccine supply issues threaten to hamper the country’s jab blitz.

    He called on over 50s or any vulnerable adults to book a jab before the NHS stops taking appointments on Monday, the Daily Mail reports.

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    France reported 65,373 new coronavirus cases on Wednesday, more than four times the number of cases officially registered the previous day, health ministry data showed.

    The number of deaths due to the COVID-19 disease was up by 248 over the last 24 hours, totalling 93,180, the ministry said.

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