Bodybuilder shares update as he leaves hospital after suffering horrendous torn pectoral muscle benching 220kg

A BODYBUILDER has shown his horrendous injury after a 220kg bench press tore and horribly distorted a pectoral muscle.  

Ryan ‘Big Rig’ Crowley will be out for months and fears for his career after a training accident in Dubai left him screaming in agony.

Ryan 'Big Rig' Crowley hopes he can come back from this gruesome injury


Ryan ‘Big Rig’ Crowley hopes he can come back from this gruesome injury
This was the chilling result after 'Big Rig' tried to lift 220kg


This was the chilling result after ‘Big Rig’ tried to lift 220kg

But in a way he was lucky – as powerlifter Larry Wheels, and training partner Charlie Johnson were there to help get the weights off him.

Wheels posted a clip of the moment Crowley was left with the right side of his chest bulging out sickeningly.

And when Big Rig finally left hospital, he shared a photo of the incredible deep bruising on and under his arm.

Fans have raised funds to pay for the 23-year-old’s medical bills and he admits he is still in shock from the horror incident.

Crowley posted: “Cannot believe it happened, completely tore my pec tendon off the bone.

“I will be having surgery today at 5pm, praying that it gets it shape back and doesn’t ruin the rest of my career In bodybuilding before it’s even started!

“Huge thank you to everyone for the messages and the support, it truly means the world!

“If you know me you know this has hit me extremely hard, and struggling to deal with it, but let’s get through it and come out the other side stronger!


Crowley was on the incline bench press with Wheels at the time of the gruesome accident.

They easily lifted 180kg but he was then injured when they stepped up by 40kg. 

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